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Webcast 1: Recording
RiMatrix Next Generation: More than a future-proof IT infrastructure

- - - Recording from 26.11.2020 available! - - - 

You have missed our live webcast and would like to know what exactly is behind RiMatrix Next Generation?

Then take a look at the recording of our webcast:

"RiMatrix Next Generation: More than a future-proof IT infrastructure"

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Digital technologies and applications as well as new business models develop at an unimaginably rapid pace. The question that always arises is whether and how the resulting explosive flood of data can be effectively filtered and used.

IT specialists are required to adapt their IT infrastructures flexibly to the constantly changing market requirements so that business-critical processes can be operated reliably with maximum performance.

We have therefore developed the RiMatrix NG together with our customers in order to create a maximum modular basis for the enormous challenges of the coming years.


Profil_Uwe Scharf Profil_Hobbs Profil_Nicolai

Uwe Scharf
Managing Director Business Units and Marketing, Rittal

Stephen Hobbs
Vice President
Business Unit IT
Product Management
& Strategy, Rittal

Michael Nicolai
Vice President Sales IT, Rittal


Webcast 2: Recording
RiMatrix NG: IT Cooling – For a cool climate in your data centre

- - - Recording from 07.12.2020 available! - - - 

For all those who missed our webcast on RiMatrix NG: IT Cooling, the recording is now available.

In this webcast you will learn which cooling solution is the right one for your requirements.

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IT cooling and air conditioning still accounts for most of the running costs of a data center. Cooling solutions that are precisely tailored to the respective customer requirements range from processor and single rack air conditioning, through row-based climate control to the cooling of complete data center floors.

With regard to efficiency, CO2 emissions and sustainability, innovative concepts and future-oriented technologies are required here.



Michael Nicolai
Vice President Sales IT,



Webcast 3: Recording

- - - Recording from 28.01.2021 available! - - - 

You have missed our live webcast?

Watch the recording of our webcast and find out what makes the VX IT the world’s fastest IT rack.

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The challenge for IT managers is this: nowadays, data centres have to be available in a wide range of platforms in order to meet an organisation’s diverse IT needs. These include single-rack installation, as well as cloud, edge, enterprise, colocation and hyperscale data centres. The basis here is an enclosure platform that is expandable and that can be adapted to meet any challenge and speed of the IT world.

A platform of this kind has to impress with a sophisticated architecture, maximum security standards and extremely simple configuration, ordering and operability – the basis of Rittal’s IT new rack, the VX IT.


Profil_Bercem Bilcen Profil_Ernesto Mosquera  

Bercem Bilcen
Product Manager IT Enclosures,

Ernesto Mosquera
Director Product Management IT Enclosures,



Webcast 4: Recording
RiMatrix NG: More power for your data centre – The latest PDU generation.

- - - Recording from 25.03.2021 available! - - - 

You have missed our live webcast?

Watch the recording of our webcast to learn how our PDUs can help improve energy efficiency and reliability in your data centre.

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The rapid spread of digitalisation across all industries is forcing companies to act quickly and install powerful ITsystems at existing and new locations. This applies to core and cloud data centres as well as edge data centres on the periphery of the company network.
The PDUs provide a reliable energy supply to the IT components installed in the rack. These are high-quality multiple socket outlets fused to industry standards and offering optional monitoring, switching and measuring functions.


Profil_Daniel Dörrbecker  

Daniel Dörrbecker
Product Manager IT Power,



Webcast 5: Recording

- - - Recording from 19.05.2021 available! - - - 

You have missed our live webcast?

Watch the recording of our webcast and learn how ONCITE supports you in digitizing your production.

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In manufacturing, the real-time collection, evaluation, and analysis of data from constantly growing data sources such as machines, devices, and products are becoming increasingly important. To exploit the potential that lies in their factories, companies need hardware and software solutions that enable digitalization as well as suitable interfaces for data collection that comply with applicable IT security requirements.

With their all-in-one edge cloud solution ONCITE, Rittal and German Edge Cloud solve the digitalization challenges of the manufacturing industry providing significantly more customer-centered, flexible and transparent production.





Andreas Zerfas
Senior Vice President Development Industrial Software,
German Edge Cloud

Michael Nicolai
Vice President Sales IT,



Webcast 6: Recording
Rimatrix NG: Secure for the future – With IT security solutions from Rittal.

- - - Recording from 01.07.2021 available! - - - 

You have missed our live webcast?

Watch the recording of our webcast and find out how to protect your IT appropriately and which security solution is right for you.

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A permanently available IT infrastructure is one of the most important factors in efficient production and for uninterrupted business processes.
IT security is paramount, especially in sectors that process sensitive data. Appropriate IT security measures ensure smooth business operations by protecting your IT systems against physical hazards and cyber threats.

Safety comes in many variants: as modular room systems, security safes or extinguisher systems.


Profil_Bärbel_Müller Profil_P_Mueller  

Bärbel Müller
Product Manager IT Solutions, Rittal

Philipp Müller
Director Global Data Center Projects, Rittal



Webcast 7: Recording
RiMatrix NG: From analysis to solution. Customised climate control with CFD.


- - - Recording from 12.10.2021 available! - - - 

You have missed our live webcast?

Watch the recording of our webcast and find out which benefits CFD analysis offers you in every phase of a project.

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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis, a numerical calculation method, offers IT specialists unique possibilities for analysis. Thus it helps in designing and optimising the cooling of data centres. In addition, CFD also supports the function test of digital twins. Our experts will be happy to tell you how it works.



Profil_Kipras Gataveckas 151    

Kipras Gataveckas
Technical Sales Engineer, Rittal




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